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Since 1967, the name Theo Halter GmbH has stood for quality in the field of electric motor construction. This has not changed since the takeover by Noor – On the contrary, the company has continued to develop through its competence and flexibility.




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Today, Halter specializes in short-term, on-time production of special motors. Thanks to our own machinery, modern production routes and order control, we are able to bring complete special projects to shipping within a few days – even on weekends if necessary. Here, as well as on the cost side, lies our clear advantage over well-known large corporations.





Frequency converter


Special windings

In addition, our flexibility is characterized by our own winding shop. This ensures sophisticated special windings and repairs of all kinds. The company Halter is also well equipped for the highly competitive standard motor sector. Should our warehouse with over 20,000 motors just not have the required motor, we can access other warehouse locations through a Europe-wide network. Deliveries within 24 hours are no problem here.

In addition to the standard, we can offer the following designs, among others:

✔ Brake motors.
✔ Special bearing plates
✔ Under oil motors
✔ Agitator drives
✔ High-voltage motors
✔ direct current motors
✔ Explosion-proof three-phase motors Type of protection „Ex-de“ IICT4 up to Bgr. 225
✔ Ex „e“ and „non-sparking“
✔ standard motors with forced cooling fan and/or tacho
✔ Standard motors according to IEC mechanical and NEMA electrical
✔ Standard motors according to NEMA electrical and mechanical
✔ Standard motors according to CSA
✔ Single-phase AC motors

✔ increased ambient temperature
✔ IP protection update IP56, 65 and 66
✔ special painting
✔ special bearing
✔ Motor protection PTC / bimetal
✔ Superstructures / Plug solutions / Plug n‘ Play
✔ Vibration monitoring
✔ Standstill heating
✔ Tropical insulation
✔ UL / CSA certificate