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Robust aluminum housing: Avoid costly failures and regulate your speeds with low maintenance and reliability thanks to stable construction – even in mobile applications and heavy-duty applications.

Low maintenance and durable: The fanless design up to 7.5kW and the intelligent DC link concept with foil capacitors reduce the susceptibility to errors and ensure a long service life.

Various application boards: Take advantage of the diversity and adapt the INVEOR M to your needs – with additional safety functions and fieldbus interfaces.

Adapter plates for all motor types: The innovative adaptation concept with an extensive range of standard and motor-specific adapter plates enables use with almost any motor on the market.

INVERTER APP: Commissioning – parameterization – monitoring, you can now do all this easily and wirelessly via Bluetooth connection from your cell phone or tablet

  • 150% Overload: Utilize 150% overload for up to 60 seconds when needed and meet power spikes with ease.
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  • Speed control range of 1:20: Control your AC motors precisely and accurately – thanks to optimized speed control range and very good control quality.
  • Control of synchronous and asynchronous motors: Take over the speed control of all your asynchronous and synchronous motors – up to efficiency class IE4.
  • 0.25 kW – 22 kW power: Choose the frequency inverter with the right power for you from five assemblies – and only pay for what you really need.

INVEOR lowers energy costs for electric motors and protects the environment.

XX INVEOR drive controllers are intelligent devices that address an electric motor for best possible performance and low power consumption. This gives our customers a double benefit, and INVEOR helps conserve resources.

With our INVEOR drive controller, we offer a highly efficient solution in the field of pump technology. Through novel control methods, which are precisely adapted to the specific requirements of different pump designs, we achieve optimum system efficiency.

This achieves a high energy saving potential, especially in the partial load range, which cannot be tapped in the conventional way.

Would you like a little more? NEW – The Performance Series with intelligent power section or the possibility to integrate own application cards and electronics. Available in four sizes with up to 30 kW.