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Today the company Halter is specialized in short-term, on-time production of special engines. Thanks to our own machinery, modern production routes and order control, we are able to bring complete special projects to shipping within a few days – even on weekends if necessary. Here, as well as on the cost side, lies our clear advantage over well-known large corporations.

  • ✔ Brake motors
    ✔ Special bearing plates
    ✔ Under-oil engines
    ✔ Agitator drives
    ✔ High-voltage motors
    ✔ direct current motors
    ✔ Explosion-proof three-phase motors Type of protection „Ex-de“ IICT4 up to Bgr. 225
    ✔ Ex „e“ and „non-sparking“
    ✔ Standard motors with forced cooling fan and/or tachometer
    ✔ Standard motors according to IEC mechanical and NEMA electrical
    ✔ Standard motors according to NEMA electrical and mechanical
    ✔ Standard motors according to CSA
    ✔ Single-phase AC motors
✔ increased ambient temperature
✔ IP protection update IP56, 65 and 66
✔ special painting
✔ special bearing
✔ Motor protection PTC / bimetal
✔ Superstructures / Plug solutions / Plug n‘ Play
✔ Vibration monitoring
✔ Standstill heating
✔ Tropical insulation
✔ UL / CSA certificate
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