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INVEOR – the efficient solution in the field of pump technology

With our INVEOR drive controller, we offer a highly efficient solution in the field of pump technology. Thanks to innovative control processes that are precisely adapted to the specific requirements of various pump designs, we achieve optimum system efficiency. This achieves a high energy-saving potential, especially in the partial load range, which cannot be tapped in the conventional way.


Thanks to the innovative adaptation concept, all common motor types can be driven in an energy-saving manner. With the help of an optionally integrable membrane keypad, the INVEOR is particularly easy to operate. Furthermore, the INVEOR is not only suitable for simple frequency control, but also for complex automation tasks.

Due to a robust and compact die-cast housing as well as a very high temperature and vibration resistance, the INVEOR solves every drive task even in difficult
environments without any problems.