Customized motors

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Since 1967, Theo Halter GmbH has stood for quality in the electric motor industry. That standard hasn’t changed since Noor took over – On the contrary, the company has continued to develop utilizing its expertise and flexibility.

Today Halter specializes in quick turn and on-time production of specialized motors. Utilizing our own machinery, modern production methods and order management, we are able to prepare special projects for shipment within a few days, and if necessary even on weekends. That, in addition to cost, gives us a clear advantage over large corporations.


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In addition, our flexibility is characterized by its own winding department. This ensures demanding special windings and repairs of all kinds. Also for the highly competitive standard motor area, our company is well prepared. Since 2003 we offer –beside our popular DDA- and DDG-types- a further standard motors series. This motor line also withstands the comparison with the most inexpensive rivals even without sacrificing the proven quality of Halter motors. If our stock of over 20,000 engines just does not even have the required motor, we can access warehouse by a Europe-wide network of partners. In this connection deliveries within 24 hours are possible